Vitis Sonic

Microsite for a new toothbrush with sonic technology

Dentaid launched to the market a new concept on an electric toothbrush with sonic technology. The challenge was to create a microsite able to clearly communicate the functioning and benefits of such a new product.

  • AI
  • UI/UX
  • IxD
  • Web development
  • 3D Animation


After analyzing the project, we clearly noticed that, to explain the concept of cleaning through acoustic vibrations, was mandatory the use of 3D animations, loops and illustrative videos. And that’s how we did it. The result was a microsite that, almost without words, could be capable of showing the functioning and advantages of a complex technology, at just a glance.


The job got perfected with a completely interactive section explaining each part of the toothbrush, models and characteristics, a store locator, clinical studies, image gallery and testimonials of satisfied customers.

Web development

The microsite meant a challenge because of its advanced interactions. It was developed with modern tools such as code and image optimizers, JS automations to increase the code consistency and minimize the possible incompatibilities. Obtaining deliverables light and robust.

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