Roca Smart Toilets

The site for the bathroom from the future

We worked with Roca for their Smart Toilets launch, a different product in the market. These products are well known in Asia, but a novelty in Occident. We wanted to communicate the virtues of this new product line with a clear and elegant website, taking into account all the markets and project evolution.

  • AI
  • UI/UX
  • IxD
  • Web development
  • Support
  • Rollups


We thought the design as a totally visual and interactive product, with the challenge to implement many different actions at the site to be able to get an understanding of the product’s functions. We made advanced interactions in combination with motion graphics so the user could easily see the product’s characteristics in a graphic way.


The web has animations, hotspots, advanced interactions and a big part of the development that has to do with the user experience and makes the content management easier with modules that complement the functioning.

From the user experience and the study of the buyer journey, we defined the optimal information architecture and develop all the wireframes to ensure a satisfactory and efficient UX. Later, we started the visual design according to the Roca’s brand personality, adding the correct look&feel and the needed style value.


We decided to develop this project with long term goals and a constant evolution, starting from a WordPress multisite which would allow us to extend the different markets adaptations with rollouts.


The main site was developed focusing on the fact that every element would be easily modified from the WordPress dashboard and, this way, ease the job of the editor users. The site has different interactive modules, developed with JavaScript and totally integrated with the WordPress editor.

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