Roca Cocinas

Site for Roca's new market

Roca Company, a bathroom's specialist, trusted Binaria to develop its digital presence for a new market, kitchens. This new microsite has been thought to add value to this new brand, without losing the brand's essence.

  • AI
  • Product Design
  • UX/UI
  • IxD
  • Web development
  • Support

The project

We started the work analizying the new product in depth, the new brand’s tone and the needs and expectations of their potential clients. Then, our function was to conceptualize, organice and rank the different messages we needed to transmit.


The project’s wireframes were made through an information’s architecture analysis, establishing the most relevant sections and components, so the site would have a clearer reading and the message would be correctly understand on each section.

Product design

Once the low-fi design was set and the specifications were stablished with the client, we started with the product design. The priority was to have a clear brand image and keep the essence, giving value to the new project and recreating a innovative and integrated look&feel.


We based on Roca’s styles and we innovated with new typographic incorporations to reinforce the new brand’s essence. This way, the incorporation of the new iconography and the value on artistic’s direction and photography, were the pilar to enrich the web, showing the kitchens in their full expression and keeping their functionality to create a clear and comprehensive product.

Advanced development

For this microsite’s development, we proposed our client a change in the model to go for modern techniques in web development JAMStack with Gatsbyjs+React, given the good results in previous projects. The group of tools we used for the development are currently being used in many advanced WebApps projects, progressive WebApps and desktop apps. These allowed us to lead the project to unreachable quality levels for any other tool.

Performance and optimization

The results on optimization, accessibility and SEO with web auditing tools such as Lighthouse from Google are excellent. We highlight the performance increase in regards to a classic solution based on server technologies and we created a fast, trusted and attractive website for the user with which the client will get a low bounce rate and an increase in conversions.

Development process

This type of development tools allowed us an agile and simple system of preview during the development reducing the time dedicated to this task. A work methodology based on isolated components and an easily replicable environment, ease the site’s development in parallel by many team members. Automation of production deploys is another point to highlight. Tools like Gatsby JS allow us to configure an automatic deployment system that reduces drastically the chance to error during the process and a higher safety against possible attacks when we don’t count with server technologies and free this from overwork.

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