Roca Carmen

Microsite for Roca's new vintage collection

Site focused on Roca's new vintage collection, based on remembering the most iconic company's bathrooms from the 40s. Taking into account the brand's style and look&feel, we developed this microsite focusing on content creation and product development.

  • UX/UI
  • Web development
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • New market adaptation


Roca trusted us to create a microsite able to transmit the new collection’s spirit. The concept goes around reliving the best of the past, the details, the style, the icons, the home lifestyle and the little things that define every personality. This is why the design is applied by modules, that allow the user a continuous browsing with many interactions and elements to generate dynamism.

Web development

Roca Carmen’s website implied a technical challenge giving its browsing system, interactions and complete integration with the WordPress editor. For the development, we used packetization, automation and image and coding optimization tools that generated a deliverable totally light and optimized.


This microsite was created as part of Roca’s campaign to announce their new vintage collection that would be distributed globally and, therefore, there was also special attention given to the easy adaptation and content translation to Roca’s different markets around the world.

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