Athletes' social network

Olyseum is a collaborative social network, specialized in sports, created by the FC Barcelona former players Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Iván de la Peña, along with the engineer Carlos Grenoir and Kevin Mitnick.

  • Webapp
  • React
  • Redux
  • Spa
  • Social Network
  • Sports

Web development

To begin this project, we analized the frameworks of the most popular SPAs developments. Our priority was to create a platform with the best possible user experience. Therefore, after many tests, we chose React, a Javascript library to develop user interfaces developed by Facebook engineers, that’s being used at platforms such as Instagram, Airbnb, Feedly or Netflix. When contacted with Binaria, Olyseum had a mobile App and they needed to migrate and gain more functionalities to the web experience.

Efficient Frameworks

To decide which technology to use, taking into account the current Javascript frameworks, we based on our requirements list to adopt new tools:

  • Consolidated technology preferred: React was officially launched by Facebook´s development team in 2013.
  • Broadly documented: React’s official documentation is constantly being checked and updated.
  • A numerous and active community: React is, within the Javascript frameworks category, the one that has the most active developers community.
  • Simple: It is, in regards to other solutions, the one with the relatively shorter learning curve.

Agile methodology

Based on an agile and adaptable methodology, the Olyseum development focused on making the most of the WebApp advantages.

Modular development

Thanks to the use of React, we’ve created an efficient, agile and easily scalable webapp, because of its modular development, that even beats in interaction speed the native app.

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