Manos Amigas

Website of the foundation made by and for Guatemala's women

Project focused in a site for the Manos Amigas de Guatemala Foundation, which the main goal is a home that provides education and health to girls, boys and mothers through self-management and women empowerment.

  • UI / UX
  • Web Development
  • Support

The project

The foundation contacted us and we feel proud to be part of a project that brings the necessary tools to mothers so they can be self-sufficient and brings the children with basic services so they can develop in an optimal and comfortable environment.

Integrate the message

The most important thing was for the design to be able to give value to the entire website’s content and the project itself. The images were provided by a professional photographer that had the chance to go to the center and capture with high fidelity the day to day at the foundation and most of the content was provided by the workers and volunteers of the center.


We also wanted to highlight in a clear and comprehensible way all divisions of the project, so the user could clearly understand the reach of it in all its branches: the management of the center, the woman’s role, the education, the self-management, etc. Luckily, we had many information on disposal and we empathize quickly with their goals.

Giving solutions

The website’s core was to ease the foundation methods so the user would be really implied. This way, we considered we had to provide solutions to make the collaboration a fact, either as a donation, sponsorship or volunteering.

Process optimization

The forms for collaborations are thought to ease the user into the process and provide the information in a more graphic and optimal way. Therefore, we designed step-forms, to make each step more comprehensible and focus the information when needed.

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