Corporate web

IPM's corporate web's design and development, a company based in digital transformation that provides IT solutions. A clear and scalable web that prioritizes the Information Architecture, with visual elements generated from illustrations, graphics, and iconography to give value and stand out in the market.

  • Arquitectura de la información
  • UX/UI
  • Web development
  • Support
  • Iconography


The project’s main challenge was to generate an adequate navigation map, insisting in the information hierarchy and in properly structuring the content so the user experience would be really satisfactory. For this, we’ve studied market’s references and we analyzed the needed components to achieve the best result.


In order to define the proper style for this type of business, we decided to customize their iconography to make it more representative and unique, defining each section with personality and creating the icons that would work best for each page. This way we acomplished a chromatic unit, typographic and visually adequate for this specific business.

Web development

This is a WordPress project with a 100% customized theme. For this job we used one of the preferred and more advanced starter themes: Sage Roots.


Using this theme we got a quality impulse to the project thanks to the use of packetization tools, optimization and JS automation (webpack, gulp, eslint, autoprefixer, babel, …). As a result of this process, we got a light, fast, robust, maintainable and scalable site..

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