Site for a startup with a new storage concept

Boxmotions' corporate web, a startup that reinvented the storage sector with a really attractive and economic product. Our job is focused on two main aspects, to better communicate the value proposition to the users and to audit and optimize the online purchasing process.

  • AI
  • UX/UI
  • IxD
  • Web development

Research & Data

We started with a deep study of the service, the target and the buyer journey. We analyzed the metrics and detected the points with the highest abandon rate. We studied the user interface and we identified several elements that generated confusion and distraction.


Once the architecture is understood, we get on board with the home’s redesign in order to clearly transmit the value and advantages of Boxmotions. We did this by rewriting copies, rethinking the visual content, erasing everything that would make noise and simplifying the interface. The result was a cleaner visual, more aesthetic and, mainly, with an optimal value proposal.


Then, we audit the user experience in the online purchasing process. We fixed the critical points where the most abandons were happening. As at the homepage, we see many superfluous elements that would distract from the main goal. We created wireframes to test the optimal flow and, then, we added the UI layer. We achieved a cleaner plan purchasing process, more friendly and agile. For all devices and resolutions.

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