Baxi Wica

The calculation tool for professionals

We've designed a new calculation tool for Baxi Wica that provides the business professionals a platform to create and manage budgets for heating, sanitary hot water and solar power installations.

  • AI
  • UI/UX
  • IxD
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Calculation tool


The first challenge for Wica was to understand the client’s needs, though internal documents that professionals used with specific softwares for calculation tools, to transform it into a web that’d be usable, clear and compatible with all devices. This way, we provided the users more comfort, both at creating projects, as of delivery of budgets to their clients.


The web has been created as a Multi-Step Form, focused on the user’s needs, optimizing calculation depending on the goal of each project. This way, we give the user the option to get the calculation without the need of a login and also the choice to sign up to ease the management of all projects from the same account.


The sign up Workflow allows the user to create an account to be able to have a better control on their projects and to manage the calculation in a more efficient way. Therefore, the user decides, based on their specialty as an installer, what are their interests so they can be always up to date with the news on their business.

Project Management

Once the user has defined his profile, there’ll be a management section for all the projects. This way, we provide companies or professionals, the list of all their projects made at the tool, to edit, download in case they need to send a quote, duplicate or erase them. Projects are easy to find for either the customer, reference or creation date, which gives it an optimal usability level.


With Wica, you can get quotes in an agile and intuitive way, so professionals can deliver them to their customer including the list of materials provided. This list has technical descriptions, specific for each material, with the needed quantities for each project and the product code that will generate the final quote. To make it even more efficient, you can add or edit any field if needed.

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