Aelix Therapeutics

The web for HIV investigation pioneers

Aelix Therapeutics is a leading company in biotechnology with offices in Barcelona, focused on the development of a therapeutic vaccine to cure and eradicate HIV. We've had the privilege to be chosen to design and develop the website for a world-changing initiative.

  • UI / UX
  • Web Development
  • Support

The project

AELIX has been cataloged as one of the 15 top companies in biotechnology in 2019. We feel proud to contribute in a project with these characteristics and that, between their members, has personalities such as Bonaventure Clotet, Philippe Montaigne or Jeanne Bolger.


To be able to highlight the project and the information the website had to have, we consider it was necessary to build a clear and visual site with all the relevant information about the project: treatment, phases, team, partners and present. Thought as responsive and optimized for every device, it provides the user all the needed information in a simple and organized structure.

Web development

The site has been developed with WordPress and our favourite starter theme: Sage Roots. We took advantage of the tools this theme has to offer for optimization, packetization and automation, the development process was agile, obtaining as a result a light and fast site, easily updatable and scalable.

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